Concealed Carry

Our training division, Weaponshakx, provides weapons and close quarter combat training for civilians and security personnel. Please see for a comprehensive list of all of our courses.

Florida Concealed Weapons Carry ​Course

This course exceeds Florida’s statutory requirement and that of many other states for concealed carry (please contact us regarding other states).  It includes classroom instruction and live fire range time to ensure students have a thorough understanding of safety, the judicious usage of firearms and the tactical deployment of firearms.

The course is instructed by a United States Marine Infantryman Veteran and New York, Florida and NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor with over 28 years of experience instructing police officers and security officers.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Florida (or other state) approved certificate to submit to their local licensing agency to obtain a concealed weapon permit.


  • Firearm safety
  • ​Concealed carry methods and considerations
  • Florida concealed carry law
    • Legal aspects
    • Response to law enforcement
    • Personal liability insurance
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
    • Stance and movement
    • Basic draw and weapon handling at close range
    • Methods of effective shot delivery
    • Shooting in densely populated areas
  • Physiological changes to the body during stress
  • Situational awareness
  • Equipment considerations

Equipment Required, You will need:

  • A quality leather or nylon pants belt
  • Notebook, pen and pencil
  • Baseball Hat
  • Shirts must fit snugly around the neck area.
  • Holsters, cleaning equipment, eye and hearing protection and firearms can be provided for an extra fee if necessary.


  • No prior firearm or legal experience required.
  • United States citizens and permanent residents are eligible (certain foreign embassy personnel may be eligible). This is Florida State Law!


4.0 hours total:   3 hours classroom and 1 hour on the range.

Course Cost

TBD. There will be a student discount for bringing other students.  The more students in the class, the more affordable it is for all.


1 to 10 per class

***No modified firearms are acceptable for this course