Helping Business & Homeowners in Southwest Florida Stay Safe

Use our highly visible, ex-military & law enforcement, uniformed officers to patrol your property and experience the comfort that comes with knowing you are protected from crime

Calusa Security

Are you feeling less safe?

  • Police defunding
  • Culture of protest
  • Rising crime rates
  • Increased violence
  • Emboldened criminals

don't be a victim. We help keep you and your property safe.


We live here too and feel the same frustrations and threats. That’s why we created Calusa Security.


Sean Collins

President, Calusa Security

Follow Our 3-step Process To A Safe Environment:


Step 1 - Security Consultation

We will outline problems and review weaknesses to pinpoint areas of need.

Step 2 - Create a Customized Plan

Develop a plan of action to ensure you are protected from unwanted threats and crime.

Step 3 - Sit Back & Relax

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your property are safe.

we keep your family safe


We offer  a-la-carte services involving uniformed Security officers in marked patrol cars to conduct routine patrols of your home to make sure it’s secure and document contractors, i.e., pool service, lawn service etc. are doing their job.   We will also enter your home and check that the alarm system works, plumbing for leaks, make sure your air conditioner is working, start and run your car, and so forth.

Civilian Training Programs


  • Basic concealed weapon training course
  • Advanced concealed weapon / close quarter combat training
  • NRA Basic Pistol Training
  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim
  • NRA Home Firearm Safety
  • Close quarter combat firearm training
  • Impact weapons and pepper spray
  • Individual target hardening
  • Emergency operation
  • Crime prevention – We will also conduct evaluations of existing security programs to ensure your physical and personnel resources are effectively utilized, and they meet the needs of the client. Our trained and experienced professionals will conduct a personal threat evaluation and create a custom security program for you.

      Prepare for the Worst

      Disaster Preparedness & Disaster Security

      Comprehensive overview of the knowledge, methodologies, tools, and resources needed to establish a state of preparedness for times of emergencies, crises, and natural disasters.